Episode 12 – Must-stanza

September 23rd, 2011

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We talk about the Kitchener-Waterloo knitters fair – it was a blast. There were a lot of great vendors. Cindy mentions Viola yarns.

We also talk about Worldwide Spin in Public day which was a really fun, relaxing day spinning at a park.

Cindy talks about canning and preserving – and all of the stuff she has made – pickles, jams, marmalade, salsa, apple syrup!

Cindy talks about the awesome steampunk package she received from a Ravelry swap!

The Gingko Shoulderette Shawl!

Mat ran the Terry Fox run – 18+km ran and about $1000 raised for charity! Woohoo!

What are we knitting?

Cindy is continuing to knit the hexipuffs for The Beekeeper’s Quilt. As we write this, Cindy is at 86 puffs! (of 1000 but who’s counting?)

Cindy is also working on Nutkin fingerless gloves that have been morphed from too-small socks, and is just getting started on an awesome woven rug project from the Free People blog.

Also, the new Knitty is out and Cindy is planning to knit the Apis Dorsata.  Also, there was recently a Yarnival at Lexi Boeger’s new Pluckyfluff studio. Ashley from Neauveau made a documentary of the weekend. Here it is: (

Mat is still knitting away on his socks, and plans to cast on a winter scarf.

What are we reading?

Cindy finished ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children‘ and is starting ‘The Child that Books Built

Moustache of the Day – Jerry Stiller

Moustache Chat

Mat is excited to have gotten the new Primus album (Les Claypool moustache!) – it’s a great album, Green Naugahyde – check it out HERE.

Also, check out The Jelly Moustache!

Film Reel

Mat watched Megamind and talks about it – it’s a really funny film. Check it out HERE.

Spin me Right Round – What are we Spinning?

Cindy has been spinning a load of yarn, as well as dyeing and did a huge shop update!
Handspun Art Yarns –
Hand Dyed Wink Wink Worsted –
Hand Dyed Sock Yarns (Bootsie and Foot Fetish updated) –

Cindy started a new art yarn spin-along in the Art Yarn Spinners group on Ravelry – it is Random Paragraph of a Book in which spinners depict a phrase in a yarn.

Mat is spinning tie-dyed roving from Dudleyspinner.

Cindy also mentions Tiny Owl Knit’s whole pattern collect – The Motherload!

Lost on the Internet

Cindy reads ‘The Moustache’ by Guy de Maupassant.

Consumer Meltdown!

Knitpurlgurl – amazing self-patterning yarn kits.
Be Bold my Love – pretty rovings and sock yarns.
Good Gosh – Hilarious photo postcards
Howards Home – custom party favours

Music for the show – via Music Alley

Knitten Knitting Blues – Jacob Haller
Lost Without You – The Ditchflowers
The Little Old Man of the Pond – Jane Valencia

Episode 11 – Senora del Bigote Hermoso

September 2nd, 2011

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Yes, we are back after just over a year of podfading! But, we are back on track, just needed time to do a bunch of stuff!

We talk a bit about what we have been up to for the last year and chat about Cindy’s wedding, Mat’s running, the upcoming Knitter’s Fair, Rhinebeck and so on!

What are we knitting?

Cindy is knitting:

The Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits

A link to my Ravelry project is HERE.

Also, Cindy is knitting Nutkins but has to rip back to the gusset because they are too small in the foot. And, she needs to pick up the Aestlight shawl again. Also, the ART YARN shop is updated and there will be an update to the Bootsie sock yarn and Wink Wink worsted lines in mid-September.

Also, it was Mat’s birthday, and as promised you can find the recipe for SEX IN A PAN right HERE!

We also mentioned this lovely artist – Fantastic Frida Kahlo!

Ravelry group

And we have  a FACEBOOK now so come on over and follow us!

Mat wanted to share this cute comic from Natalie Dee:

Plus, Cindy wanted to mention that she attended a Bloomfelt workshop that was really fun and inspiring. Here’s what she learned:

Reading Rainbow – What are we Reading?

Cindy finished the ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ series by Lemony Snicket and Mat is on book 8 now.  Cindy also finished Wicked Bugs by Amy Stewart and really enjoyed it.  Mat has also been reading a few titles from Christopher Moore including ‘A Dirty Job’ and ‘You Suck’.

Cindy is currently reading – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Ranson Riggs

Mat is currently reading The War of the Worlds, Plus Blood, Guts and Zombies - H.G. Wells and Eric S. Brown

Moustache of the Day – Frida Kahlo

Moustache Chat:

2011 World Beard and Moustache Competition Results – June 2011

Rate my Moustache

Movember – Pre-register today boys!

Links from Listeners – From Kittyne, and from the path she led us to:

Dog ball moustache toy

Mario/Luigi costumes

Film Chat

The LEMMY Documentary – LOVED it! Here are the short shorts:

Rubber – LIKED it! – Take a minute to watch the trailer!
Sledgehammer – LIKED it!
Dead Snow - LOVED it

Spin me Right RoundWhat are we spinning?

Mat has been spinning some of Cindy’s hand dyed roving and some lovely roving he purchased from Hobbledehoy and Bullens Wullens. Cindy has been spinning a lot of art yarn for the Kitchener Waterloo Knitters Fair.

Consumer Meltdown – Cool stuff to buy!

Tiny Owl Knits’ ‘The Beekeeper’s Quilt Pattern

Bayou Buttons on Etsy – Moustache Cat Buttons!

Lucyravenscar on Etsy – Awesome Amigurumi patterns for chubby gnomes and Star Wars characters

Sharpshirter on Etsy – Great shirts

Lost on the Internet – a memorial to Chuck McCabe, a wonderful folk singer who passed away in July from pancreatic cancer. His song ‘I Miss my Moustache’. RIP Chuck. More information at

THEN a BONUS Moustache of the Day on Harland Williams! Here’s Mat at the airport with Harland!

Music for the show

Lie Down – The Good Lovelies (used with permission)

I’ve Never Been to Mexico – Adam Balbo – via Podcast Alley

I Miss my Moustache – Chuck McCabe (in memoriam)

Episode 10 – Moustache-Mania!

July 4th, 2010

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So, its been a while since we last recorded! Sorry about that, but we have been really busy with things..such as Cindy’s trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool and North Carolina, Woofstock, and Mat’s taking part in Ride for Heart.

Cindy talks about having amazing fried green tomatoes at The Flying Biscuit and meeting Miss Violet of the late Limenviolet podcast at Gate City Yarns. Here’s a picture of the amazing dog ‘Reese’ that lives there.

For Cindy’s photos from Woofstock – CLICK HERE!

What are we Knitting?

Cindy is working on her second pair of Totem Pole Socks. For Cindy’s FREE pattern – go to Ravelry and download!

And, Cindy has been making some progress on a freeform capelet:

Cindy is also working on a design specifically for the Muststashyo podcast and some other fun things to be released soon.

Cindy has released the Summer 2010 colourways of her Bootsie sock yarn and the Doll Feet light fingering weight will be out soon. You can pick it up in the shop here.

Mat is working away on his Socks of the Alpacalyse!

And…he finished his Unpossibly Awesome socks!

Reading Rainbow – What are we reading?

Mat is reading ‘The Wild Things’ by Dave Eggers

Cindy is reading ‘Sweater Quest’ by Adrienne Martini. It is the story of Adrienne’s quest to knit the Mary Tudor sweater by Alice Starmore. You can see a video of her talking about the book here.
Also, Cindy has just finished reading ‘Very Grimm Fairy Tales: Cautionary Tales from the Pen of Trevor Strong‘ Cindy shares an excerpt, the story Stupidgirl’ from the book. Check it out – great stories.

Moustache of the Day!! – Hulk Hogan

Moustache Chat!

Moustache Bar Crawl
Monsieur Cabinet (foam moustache business card project)
Newslite.TV Carstache story

Links and Photos sent in by Listeners!

From Kittyne:
Fojol Brothers of DC – Indian food in an ice cream truck, moustaches = awesome!
Engrish food menu

From Paperkitty:
Moustache Typography
That Will Buff Out – Caption Contest

From Liz:
Where to get your own Carstache!

From Rick:

Spin me Right Round – What are we Spinning?

It is too hot to spin!! But, Cindy has spun a few art yarns you can check out in the shop here. Mat is still spinning a roving from Sprouty25. More spinning info soon…sorry!

Consumer Meltdown! – Great Stuff to Buy!!

OkayKnits – beautiful sock yarns and rovings!
Mishmash Designs - Great hobo backs, zippy pouches, cases for iphones, etc.
Jeannie Cartmel Designs – Awesome sock patterns

Lost on the Internet – Happy Birthday Moustache


Thank yous!!
Thank you to knitkimberknit for the awesome moustache stickers!

Music for the Show! (All provided by Music Alley)

Riding Without Fighting – Adam and the Couch Potatoes
The Hulk Song – Nikki Larson
Macho Thoughts – Hot Wigs
If You’re Gonna Be Dumb…You Gotta Be Tough – Smut Peddlers

Episode 9 – Wakka Chikka Wow Wow a.k.a Moustache Rides

April 20th, 2010

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WARNING: This episode is slightly adult. (But awesome!!)

Information on the Yarn Raffle for Humane Society: (an entry for every $5)

Lost on the Internet: Our Lady of Guadeloupe’s Moustache

What are we Knitting?:

Cindy finished the Willow Cowl – woohoo! Also, she continues to work on the Super Mario Bros. socks and is getting a start on the Tribute socks.

Cindy gives a PSA on washing your knits and how to approach the question ‘Is this machine washable?’
A trip to The Needle Emporium was made and there was a bit of stash enhancement as well….(Malabrigo Rasta, Prism lace and Malabrigo sock yarn in a new shade – Primavera!)

Mat continues to work on the Unpossibly Awesome socks – he is getting really close to done! Yay!

Reading Rainbow: What are we reading?

Cindy finished Wicked Plants by Amy Steward and has started Alice, I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin.
Mat is reading More Information Than you Require by John Hodgman.

Moustache Chat

15 Women who Look Better with Moustaches:

Pork Moustache:

Hipster Girls in Moustaches:

Pictures sent in by Listeners:

And, a fun link to a comic:

Spin me Right Round – What are we Spinning?

Cindy taught an art yarn workshop last weekend and Mat got to play at spinning some art yarn but overall not a lot of spinning has been happening for Cindy. Mat has been spinning some lovely mohair, as well as roving sent in by Sprouty25.

Cindy has a BEEHIVE TUTORIAL to share!

Beginning with a look at a beehive on the bobbin:


You will need a regular roving or batt, whatever you like to spin, as well as an alternate fiber that will be used for the beehives. Try to get contrasting colours so your beehives will stand out.


Begin spinning a couple yards of yarn at the weight you prefer. Then, stop for a moment and break off a section of your beehive fiber about the size of your index finger. Roll the tip of it on your knee to make the fibers pare down into a sharp, thin tip:


Split the roving that you are spinning on the wheel and insert the trip of the beehive into the center, ensuring to trap all the fibers from the beehive’s tip on the inside of the split.

STEP 4: The Tough Part: 2 steps:

a. With the end of the beehive secured, begin to twist the beehive fiber around your finger. Don’t draft it out at all. Instead try to make a fat yarn with it by twirling it around your finger.

b. Begin to treadle wrapping your beehive around your core fiber at 3′oclock. The beehive will begin to appear.


You will need to stop wrapping the beehive if you notice that it is not as twirled/twisted. So, stop half way through wrapping it around the core and twist more around your finger. Repeat doing this twisting until you get to the end of your beehive fiber.


Trap the end of your beehive into the roving as you continue to spin. Core spin the roving around the beehive. This will prevent it from coming loose and falling out of your yarn.


Admire your beehive! If you notice that your yarn itself is a bit overtwisted – don’t fret. This happened only because you are new at the technique so it’s likely you were spinning while trying to pay attention/think about the technique and too much twist built up. You can relieve this overtwist by drafting out your fiber and letting the twist travel along as you continue to spin, between beehives.

Moustache of the Day: Ron Jeremy!

Consumer Meltdown – Awesome Stuff to Buy!!

The super cute Etsy error page:


Creatively Dyed:

Freckleface Fibers:

Taunton Green Wood:

Patti’s Patterns:

Music for the Show:

The Love God – Martinibomb

Pornography – Cats Walking Backwards

Set Up! – Sexy Mathematics

Episode 8 – Moustache of 1000 Voices

April 4th, 2010

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This week Cindy explains why things have taken so long to get the episode out – sorry about that folks!
(Stomach flu + Sinus infection + Hard drive blow up = ouch!)

What are we Knitting? (Project Links go to Ravelry)


- Willow Cowl
- Super Mario Bros. Sock #2
- Cindy is hoping to start the Tribute Socks from the new Knitty!


- Finished his simple ribbed hat from scrumptious Malabrigo
- Knit a couple rows of the Smokin’ sweater (from alpaca – should be a great summer knit…ahem…)
- Unpossibly Awesome Sock #2

Moustache Chat:

Cindy shares ‘My Moustache: A Love Story’ by Ralph Gamelli‘  (background (via Music Alley) music is Violino by Marco Esu)

Babies with Staches –
Etsy’s Storque Top 10 Moustaches –
Cats that Look like Hitler:
Olympic Moustaches:
Hott Fuzz –
Moustache Calendar:

Moustache Shots sent in by Listeners:

From Carrie N. (unknown source but awesome):

From Ann-Marie – her husband, Andrew!

Spin Me Right Round – What are we Spinning?

Cindy finished a yarn for Picto Create Week 108 – Zigzag Oak Leaves. The inspiration was this photo below:

And, the yarn:

Cindy also talks a bit about tutorials and it is in the works that beginning with the next podcast, a tutorial will be a part of each show – they will usually be on art yarn spinning techniques.

The Novelty and Art Yarn Group on Ravelry is having a couple of fun Spin-along/Supply-alongs so come join us!

For Easter weekend – the Easter Bunny Spin-along
For the month of April – a Handmade Supplies-athon!

Cindy also finished a yarn for Fiber Friday week 115 and talks about a friend’s fear of Deadly Women. He shall not be named – to protect the innocent!

The yarn is Echoing Lizzie

Mat has also been spinning but he hasn’t taken any pictures to share – he’s in trouble!

Moustache of the Day – Mel Blanc

Consumer Meltdown! (Awesome stuff you should buy!)
Lampyridae – beautiful hand dyed yarns and other goodies! She also has this lovely Ravelry group!
Girl on the Rocks – fun fiber arts tools, beautiful rovings!
Kiersten Essenpreis – Beautiful drawings and artwork

Reading Rainbow – What Are we Reading?

Cindy is reading (and Mat is a few chapters behind or ahead depending on who has the book) the following amazing book on plants. Cindy went to Longwood Gardens, an incredible garden in PA. There are a lot of pictures from the visit. You can check them out HERE. The book is ‘Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart‘. It is a fantastic book that tells of plants that are deadly, carnivorous, poisonous, scary and evil! Definitely pick up a copy!

Thank yous!

We wanted to say thank you to Springtree Road Yarn for sending us a beautiful handspun yarn! We talked about this shop a couple episodes ago and now even more love the yarns. Check out the shop here: and pick up a beauty like this one we received:

Thank you to Sprouty25 as well for sending us an amazing box of goodies – handmade soaps (vanilla and BACON) and some incredibly beautiful hand dyed roving! Check out the shop here: and pick up some amazing roving and or soap like these goodies we were sent:

Thank you to Paperkitty for writing a wonderful review of our podcast. If you would like to read it you can right here:

Also – a final thank you and LISTENER PERK from Sarah at Casephile!

Sarah is the purveyor of amazing cases and cozies for your electronic devices and runs an Etsy shop right here: She is offering our listeners $5 off their purchase if you mention ‘MUSTSTASHYO’ in the comments of your purchase when you checkout! Thanks Sarah!

Music for this show: (via Music Alley)

Dreamers – The Hipstones
Mother – Nadia Kazmi
The Fox and the Hunt – Abi Grace

Episode 7 – Scrumptious Scrumbled Scruff

February 4th, 2010

Click here to listen to the show! (Note that you can subscribe in the left-hand panel, but if saving, right-click, Save Target As OR Save Link As).
Cindy and Mat chat about why, again, it has taken so long to podcast!

Cindy has added her entire yarn stash to Ravelry! (Or at least the stuff that is labeled…in reality it accounts for only about 40% of the yarn in the stash) and she completely redid her website, Studioloo!

What are we Knitting?

Cindy is crocheting pieces for the coral reef project.

Cindy has also knit a little bit on the Freeform Poppy Capelet and started the heel flap of first of the Super Mario Bros. socks.  She has also dyed a bunch of yarn for a shop update to come shortly. It will be announced in the Ravelry group.

Cindy also wants to mention:

  • The Purple Purl is having an awesome Julie & Julia style challenge which you can check out in their newsletter here.
  • Project Yarnway is an awesome new Ravelry group that works like Project Runway but for amateur and professional knit and crochet designers.
  • Jane Thornley has an amazing club – The Inspired Knitter’s Club which you should check out!
  • Craft for Hope - Crafters come together to benefit Haiti!

Mat has finished one of his Unpossibly Awesome Socks! (Is that a massive foot or what?)

Mat is also almost finished his Sockhead hat and is working away on a Clapotis!

Shops we Rave About!

Americo Original
Knit One Bead Two

Amsterdam and Short Story Made Long

Cindy recorded a lovely short piece of journalism found here at Short Story Made Long. It is a great site dedicated to journalists who often have their work chopped up for fact only, and are never appreciated for the beauty they put into words. The original post/story is here:

Moustache Chat:

Mat found this awesome photobomb!

Alison from the Within a Quarter Inch podcast sent us this link to a really cool, and FREE moustache embroidery pattern.

Spin Me Right Round – What are we spinning?

Cindy has spun 3 new Transcend yarns which will be up in her shop hopefully later this week. Here’s a peek at one:

And, Cindy finished her Prince themed yarn for Fiber Friday – Purple Rain!

Cindy has also finished her yarn for Pluckyfluff’s Handspun Revolution Lillehammer Project! Have you?

Mat is spinning some lovely orange Ashford merino/silk blend. Here’s some wheel porn!

Mat and Cindy chat a bit about some great upcoming segments and things for the podcast! So, you can expect the following:

  • Book and magazine reviews!
  • Product reviews! If you are an indie dyer, spinner, author, crafter, artist, musician, etc. and you want us to try out your product and give you a nice product review/testimonial – send us an email at
  • Lost on the internet! Because the internet is a place that acts as an archive of things, including moustache stories, we are going to be super resourceful in bringing you some things that you might otherwise never hear! Stay tuned!
  • More writing and essay and performance work.
  • Photo exposes! This week – Moustache Couples!

Moustache Couples!

The moustache, made cute!

Moustache with Matching Unibrow!

Running Away from the Stache?

Moustache of the Day – James Walters! More about him here:

Reading Rainbow! (What we are Reading)

Mat is still reading the same book as last show but Cindy has started Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible! and it is fantastic.

Consumer Meltdown! (Stuff we Want!)

Music for this Show:

Petit Hibou – Unreliable Narrator (used with permission)

The Homecoming – Kissing Party (used with permission)

Welschmerz (Smitten Song) – Lacrymosa (used with permission)

Episode 6 – Moustache Mushroom Bash

January 3rd, 2010

Click here to listen to the show! (Note that you can subscribe in the left-hand panel, but if saving, right-click, Save Target As OR Save Link As).

Mat and Cindy are back from holidays!

Cindy talks about a story from relating to the success you can have at Macintosh if you have a moustache – check it out here:

What are we knitting?

Cindy finished the Bubble Wrap Socks and has cast on the first few pattern repeats of the Aquaphobia socks in a very fitting yarn – the Super Mario Bros. colourway from Serendipitous Ewe. Cindy is also striving to cast on her first sweater.

Mat is working away on his ‘unpossibly awesome socks‘ and ignoring his clapotis. (probably because it is for Cindy..ahem)

Reading Rainbow!

Cindy is still reading The New Kings of Non-Fiction by Ira Glass and was really stoked to be able to share one of her favourite short stories from the book titled ‘The American Male at Age Ten’ by Susan Orlean. You can read the entire short story here:

Mat just finished The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time  by Mark Haddon and would really recommend it. He has also started to read The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz.

Moustache of the Day – Super Mario!

A video shared by Cindy: (warning – contains a little bit of swearing, but totally hilarious):

Local Yarn and Fibre Shops we Rave About:

The Fibre Garden

The Black Lamb


The Needle Emporium

Moustache Chat:

Cats that Look Like Wilford Brimley:

Moustache Photobomb:


Spin me Right Round! (What are we spinning?)

Cindy has spun a load of new yarns which will hopefully be added to some time this week. Here’s a sneak peek:

Mat continues spinning this cormo he has been working on forever. Sorry, no pictures of it.  It’s too sacred.

Film Geekery:

Avatar – (James Cameron) Mat and Cindy both really enjoyed Avatar and found it was a great film that comprised an incredible story with beautiful details.  It was also interesting to find a lot of stories that ponder if planets like Pandora could exist.

Leave her to Die – (Antonia Thomson) – This is an embracing and sad but hopeful story of HIV affected children in Thailand and documents the story of the Agape Home founded by Canadian-born Avis Rideout.  It is sometimes very saddening but also a very powerful film that reminds us about the AIDS epidemic and the less fortunate afflicted with this illness, and the stigmas attached to it. Check out the trailer HERE.

To learn more about this cause and how to support it –

Consumer Meltdown:

Piddleloop Sewing Team:

Girl on the Rocks:

The Little Fox: .The print that Cindy especially loved was Little Ball of Yarn.


Pigeonroof Studios:

Music for this show:

Shoot I Love You – Dressy Bessy (used with permission)

The Customers – Cristine Kane (via Music Alley)

Loyalty Scheme – The Bent Moustache (used with permission)

And as promised, the video for Shoot I Love You by Dressy Bessy:

Episode 5 – Pencil in the Trash

December 24th, 2009

Click here to listen to the show! (Note that you can subscribe in the left-hand panel, but if saving, right-click, Save Target As OR Save Link As).

We are gearing up for the holidays and finishing off the last few things before some much needed vacation.

Cindy talks about the Spin in Public website update, a lovely Indian romance story from Tracy Hudson and a Spinterview from Kate of

Cindy recaps about her holiday and the amazingness of the Sleep Number bed and the most lovely B&B, Peaches and Dreams, and the acquisition of much lovely yarn including lots of Blue Heron.

What are we knitting?

Mat remembers his poor frogged sock, the Bellatrix …in which he made a tiny little heel, and ended up deciding he didn’t love the sock. Alas he has moved on to another sock.

Cindy has finished the first of her Bubble Wrap socks and came very close to a big, giant mistake but fixed it up with a bit of pseudo-steeking.

We also wanted to announce that our friend Pat of Dyeing for Colour has opened her own fiber mill and is now processing beautiful rovings and other fibers.  Check out her new shop – Dyeing for Fiber Works.  The Black Lamb group on Ravelry is having a giveaway contest for some of the new lovely fibers coming out of the mill.

We also wanted to talk about one of our favourite LYSs, Knitomatic, and our friend Haley who needs extra hugs and love right now because she broke both arms. Poor baby! But in exciting news…also, she is having an amazing Boxing week sale with items up to 75% off. Everything is on sale, including even the stuff that’s already on sale!

Also, congratulations to Liz from Hobbledehoy on the birth of her beautiful baby girl, Ingrid!

Check out the ne’w Incognito pattern on Knitty – a cowl with a moustache!

Moustache Chat:

Cindy mentions a  couple of Canadian moustache related restaurants:

North Vancouver:

Then, Cindy came across this great Amnesty International story on The Moustache Brothers; comedians who were prisoners of conscience for several years but thankfully have been released. You can read more about this story here:

Cindy apologizes for any mispronounciations of names, places, etc. :)

A video of The People’s Court with a bit of moustache!

Mat wanted to share a couple of fun comics.


Our friend Aki sent an awesome link to Mat about this Philip’s shaving contest, in which you can vote for the best female shaving, and win a diamond made from your moustashe!. Check it out here.

The moustache beauty queen site is here:

Moustache contributor – Rick!  He was kind enough to send us in a picture of himself from the 80’s with his awesome guitar! Thanks Rick! Check him out ladies – cute, right?

Moustache of the Day – John Waters

More of John Waters can be found in these places:

Facebook Fan page

Dreamland News


Spin me Right Round – What we are spinning

Mat – not a thing!

Cindy was finally able to do some spinning after almost 2 full months of nothing. Cindy worked on a few yarns for Fiber Friday and will be posting them after the holidays including her tribute to Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords, and a holiday related yarn. Cindy also gushes about the Flight of the Conchords soundtrack and Atomic Pop.

The other exciting spinning related thing we wanted to talk about was Lexi Boeger’s (of Pluckyfluff fame) new project – The Handspun Revolution – in which a giant skein of yarn will be put together from many individually handspun yarns. can take part! For more information check out the following places:

Lexi’s blog:

Ravelry group:—lillehammer

Reading Rainbow – What are we reading? (A new segment for this show!)

Cindy just finished The Wild Things by Dave Eggers and has started to read The New Kings of Non-Fiction by Ira Glass (on her new kindle – squeee!)

Mat is reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night by Mark Haddon.

Consumer Meltdown:

Legendary Tiger Hero:

Joutomaa –


Sky Magenta –


Music for this show: (All via Music Alley)

Hold you Up – Amy Courts
1977 Swimming Lessons – Amy Kohn
There are Girls – Al Phlipp & The Woo Team

Happy holidays everyone and thanks for listening! We are planning to record shortly after the holidays!

Episode 4 – Moustache on the Sabbath

November 21st, 2009

Click here to listen to the show! (Note that you can subscribe in the left-hand panel, but if saving, right-click, Save Target As OR Save Link As).

Mat is preparing for a local craft show while Cindy is rushing around like a maniac to prepare for a much needed vacation.

The craft show that Mat is taking part in is on November 21st – more information here:

Mat talks about how a visit from executives and the crazy things that the workplace hopes to achieve caused him to make picket fences and tape them all around his desk.

Also, Mat came across this awesome knitting comic from Married to the Sea

Cindy spends some time debunking the myths behind Hitler’s toothbrush moustache.

What we are knitting: (links go to Ravelry)

Cindy packed all of her unfinished objects into one giant knitting bag in an effort to knock them all out but then found herself overwhelmed and has accomplished next to nothing…except maybe to cast on a few more. In addition she created an elepant’s gusset for the Blackrose socks by completely ignoring both the pattern and common sense in sock knitting. It has since been repaired.
The Brilliante Capelet is half done. The Bubble Wrap socks will be cast on as vacation knitting!

Cindy is working on her first sock pattern design for one of her two new lines of yarn, Candy Sprinkles!

Also, the Odd Ducks Swaps of Ravelry group are having a SW Ontario Meetup at The Purple Purl in Toronto on December 6th. RSVP here if you are an Odd Duck and can attend.


He has finished one and is now knitting another Hat Fit for a Boyfriend. Cindy thinks Mat is his own boyfriend. Mat has also cast on a Clapotis, is working on his Smokin’ sweater and finishing up the Sockhead hat.

Also, we found this awesome Ravelry project – the Mr. Mxzyzptlk Sweater a la Moustache!

The Moustache – Robert Cormier – read by Cindy with dramatic action!

Moustache of the Day!
Mat pays some hard rock tribute to Tony Iommi!

Spin me Right Round (What we are spinning, or not):

Cindy forgot to mention that she did finish a bunch of new art yarns you can find here. But otherwise has been running around planning for her vacation.  A bunch of fun challenges to talk about:

- Mossy Yarn Spin-Along

- Nature Spin and Project Along

- The Nesting Project to benefit Habitat for Humanity in Sri Lanka and the 2004 tsunami victims.

Mat is still just spinning the Cormo of eternity and a blue batt that has been residing on the bobbin for a couple of weeks now.

In moustache news, Cindy gives the history of the moustache and talks about the oldest portrait of a shaved man – ancient Iranian (Scythian) horseman from 300 B.C.

Also, Cindy talks about the record holder for the World’s Longest Moustache! Bajansinh Juwansinh Gurjar of Ahmedabad, India.  It had not been cut for 22 years and was 12 feet, 6 inches long in 2004.

Cindy talks about a great documentary that focuses on the stigmas and feelings about the wearing of a moustache for men under the age of 30. Jay Della Valle has released Glorius Moustache – check out the site –

Watch the trailer – it’s great!

Mat talks about the best moustaches in Baseball – check them out!

The Wiser’s Canadian Whisky Video

Mat’s Moustache Variety Show:

Consumer Meltdown (Great handmade stuff to buy!) – Magnet Games : Awesome Nintendo fridge magnets – Paper Doll Woodshop : fun woodcuts including moustache salt n pepper shakers! – Spiderbite :  Adorable fuzzy monster nightmare journals – Prairie Fiber – home of the Ugly Batt and new transitional rovings AND – The Yarn Wench : amazing rovings, fiber palettes, yarns and so on!

Shops/Yarns we mention:
Blue Heron Yarns

Music for this Show! – Go out and Buy this Music!!

Odd Birds – The Lascivious Biddies (via Music Alley)

Plastic Stars – Freezepop (used with permission)

Multiple Experimental Music Project Tracks throughout the show by The Bran Flakes including (in order of queue on the show):

  • Fifty Four Fifty
  • The Sidewalk Song
  • Funky Feeling

Episode 3 – Batts to Frighten You

November 10th, 2009

Click here to listen to the show! (Note that you can subscribe in the left-hand panel, but if saving, right-click, Save Target As OR Save Link As).

In which we talk about how we are slackers because of all of the shows, workshops but mostly….Mat’s dragon voice!

We recap about the Touchable show, and the Woodstock Fleece Festival and get organized. We have done a new Muststashyo shop update and Cindy has updated her sock yarn page with the new Doll Feet lightweight fingering sock yarn.

What we are knitting: (links go to Ravelry)
Sockhead Hat
An office knit-along of the Hat Fit for a Boyfriend

Blackrose Socks
Lacy Cabled Cape
A secret new pattern I am designing for my (soon to be posted) Candy Sprinkles yarn (maybe a sock club)

Shops we Gush About:
The Needle Emporium – Ancaster, ON – Cindy talks about Kauni and Dream in Color Knitosophy yarn (for those of you wondering what yarn these are)
Coffee Culture – mmm…decadent dessert for breakfast

Cindy does a little essay on the Moustache Cup. More information on this here:

You Spin Me Right Round (What we are spinning..):
We were both spinning like fiends trying to get ready for shows for the holiday season so we have nothing much posted on the websites – but lots of batt making is happening. Mat is taking forever to finish a cormo yarn (which is actually very pretty). Cindy has been spinning art yarns, just finished teaching an art yarn workshop to a local guild and received a really lovely swap package from IdyllHands on Ravelry in the Fiddley Fiber Art Bitts Swap.

Moustache of the Day: Vincent Price
As promised – a link to The Hilarious House of Frightenstein - a 70s kid’s show that Price did great work on.
And…some interesting information about Coral Browne (Price’s wife):

Consumer Meltdown: (Shops we Love!!)

Movember stuff!
Mat talks about one of his favourite bloggers – The Fat Cyclist – who is participated in Movember by growing an awesome moustache and creating a Fat Cyclist team – so join up!

The Ebony Magazine Michael Jackson photo:

Link to a larger version you can read:

Film Review:

Mike (recognize him from the rap in the theme song?)  does a review of the film La Moustache. He will soon have his own podcast, but we aren’t allowed to talk about it yet.  If you haven’t watched the film yet, pick up a copy – it’s a good one!

Fun Moustache and Yarny Blogs:
Also – we found this great Moustache Mojo blog –
The Disappearing Moustache –
Natalie Dee – a link to her October comics ..where you can find the one we talk about –

Music for this Show:

Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothing’ – Mayer Hawthorne (used with permission)

The Mermaid – Great Big Sea (via Music Alley)

Best Kind of Something – Deena (via Music Alley)

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