Episode 5 – Pencil in the Trash

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We are gearing up for the holidays and finishing off the last few things before some much needed vacation.

Cindy talks about the Spin in Public website update, a lovely Indian romance story from Tracy Hudson and a Spinterview from Kate of

Cindy recaps about her holiday and the amazingness of the Sleep Number bed and the most lovely B&B, Peaches and Dreams, and the acquisition of much lovely yarn including lots of Blue Heron.

What are we knitting?

Mat remembers his poor frogged sock, the Bellatrix …in which he made a tiny little heel, and ended up deciding he didn’t love the sock. Alas he has moved on to another sock.

Cindy has finished the first of her Bubble Wrap socks and came very close to a big, giant mistake but fixed it up with a bit of pseudo-steeking.

We also wanted to announce that our friend Pat of Dyeing for Colour has opened her own fiber mill and is now processing beautiful rovings and other fibers.  Check out her new shop – Dyeing for Fiber Works.  The Black Lamb group on Ravelry is having a giveaway contest for some of the new lovely fibers coming out of the mill.

We also wanted to talk about one of our favourite LYSs, Knitomatic, and our friend Haley who needs extra hugs and love right now because she broke both arms. Poor baby! But in exciting news…also, she is having an amazing Boxing week sale with items up to 75% off. Everything is on sale, including even the stuff that’s already on sale!

Also, congratulations to Liz from Hobbledehoy on the birth of her beautiful baby girl, Ingrid!

Check out the ne’w Incognito pattern on Knitty – a cowl with a moustache!

Moustache Chat:

Cindy mentions a  couple of Canadian moustache related restaurants:

North Vancouver:

Then, Cindy came across this great Amnesty International story on The Moustache Brothers; comedians who were prisoners of conscience for several years but thankfully have been released. You can read more about this story here:

Cindy apologizes for any mispronounciations of names, places, etc. :)

A video of The People’s Court with a bit of moustache!

Mat wanted to share a couple of fun comics.


Our friend Aki sent an awesome link to Mat about this Philip’s shaving contest, in which you can vote for the best female shaving, and win a diamond made from your moustashe!. Check it out here.

The moustache beauty queen site is here:

Moustache contributor – Rick!  He was kind enough to send us in a picture of himself from the 80’s with his awesome guitar! Thanks Rick! Check him out ladies – cute, right?

Moustache of the Day – John Waters

More of John Waters can be found in these places:

Facebook Fan page

Dreamland News


Spin me Right Round – What we are spinning

Mat – not a thing!

Cindy was finally able to do some spinning after almost 2 full months of nothing. Cindy worked on a few yarns for Fiber Friday and will be posting them after the holidays including her tribute to Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords, and a holiday related yarn. Cindy also gushes about the Flight of the Conchords soundtrack and Atomic Pop.

The other exciting spinning related thing we wanted to talk about was Lexi Boeger’s (of Pluckyfluff fame) new project – The Handspun Revolution – in which a giant skein of yarn will be put together from many individually handspun yarns. can take part! For more information check out the following places:

Lexi’s blog:

Ravelry group:—lillehammer

Reading Rainbow – What are we reading? (A new segment for this show!)

Cindy just finished The Wild Things by Dave Eggers and has started to read The New Kings of Non-Fiction by Ira Glass (on her new kindle – squeee!)

Mat is reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night by Mark Haddon.

Consumer Meltdown:

Legendary Tiger Hero:

Joutomaa –


Sky Magenta –


Music for this show: (All via Music Alley)

Hold you Up – Amy Courts
1977 Swimming Lessons – Amy Kohn
There are Girls – Al Phlipp & The Woo Team

Happy holidays everyone and thanks for listening! We are planning to record shortly after the holidays!